5 Books for the Wanna-Be People Person

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The links contained herein are not paid. I have personally partaken of the products I recommend and can genuinely say they have made my life better. I am not opposed to anyone receiving payment for products they recommend. As of right now, it is not something I have opted to do.

People are a part of life and business...

There are those amazing people who can just click with everyone and then there is you. Honestly, there is no shame in it! The people who can click with everyone innately are rare so don't feel bad. The ones that just seem to connect with others have probably learned the skill set and so can you! These books have been recommended to me by some amazing and valuable mentors in my life. I am absolutely sure I would not be where I am without taking them. Click on any of the images below for more info.

Time- Tested

This gem was originally published in 1936 and is the cornerstone of many platforms on people-skills the world over! It is a book I have read time and again in the last decade. The lessons are simple but true. 

First impressions matter. Make a good one.

Be a good listener and you will always be welcome to the conversation.

There truly is a thing called constructive criticism...and it's actually constructive.

These, along with several others, once applied, can help you create a world where you have a way with people.

So...We're Different?

I may have been the most dense individual on earth before I read this book and figured out people weren't just pretending to be different from me! 

I know there are several other books that go into personality. What I think lends credibility to this book is that the original book, Personality Plus, was written by Marita Littauer's mother, Florence. The theory, itself, dates back to ancient Greece (and bodily fluids.)

Marita seems to continue her mothers work as well as update the information for an extremely wired generation.

I tell people to whom I recommend this book that it is not meant to box you in. It meant to help you gain a better understanding of why people do what they do. It's helped me tremendously!

A Way with People

Dr. John Maxwell is one of the most prolific leadership and relationship experts of all time, in my opinion. He has written scores of books on including (but not limited to) each subject. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect is as straightforward as its title. Learn Connecting Principles like increasing your influence in every situation and going beyond words. You will also learn Connecting Practices like connecting on common ground and living what you communicate. 

Genuine Caring

Honestly, there is no substitute for genuine friendship. However, friendship is loaded. Lessons that we can learn to cultivate better friendships:

Speak ill of no man

Extend kindness to everyone you know

Listen without judging

And SO much more!

Praising People

From the psychology of motivation and the management of failure to the power of a success story and why helping other people grow can become life's greatest joy, this volume covers a gambit of helpful tips for bringing out the best in people!

Now that you have chosen your next book (or next 5), I would suggest grabbing some pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, etc. and marking up your new guide(s) into the world of people! Get some graffiti (my husband calls mine Saraffiti) and remind yourself what you can apply with people in your everyday life!

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