Strategy- Based Social Media

To make your social media work for you, start by answering this question: what are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to create awareness, build trust, or get people to take action with your brand? The best answer? All three. If you are tired of endlessly creating content, boosting posts that show no return, and/or trying to beat the algorithm (losing game), reach out to us, today. These are the steps we will take with you:


Initial Meeting: Social Media Analysis

We will look at all of your current platforms and see what is working. If your audience is not responding to your current content, you may have a couple of these things happening:

  • Your current content isn’t resonating with your audience.

  • Your content is not within the context of your brand/given platform.

  • You have the wrong audience.

Determining whether your content suits the context of your brand and platform is as simple as looking at your current content and the definition of your brand.

Determining whether you have the right audience and what they resonate with requires patience.


Strategic Social Media management

Each social media platform falls within the three categories that line up with the goals listed above.

Some platforms create awareness.

Others build trust.

While others bid potential and current clients to take action.

Using your current platforms, your industry and your strengths, our goal is to create a vortex around your brand starting with three platforms and building into 10-12 platforms and outlets that regularly cause you to be present, be seen, and be the buzz within the social sphere.

If you are starting from zero, keep in mind we must patiently build your following.


Training an In-House Strategist

This is the part that seems somewhat counter-intuitive to most people. Our ultimate goal is to surround you with a team of people who can handle your business’ social channels with strategy, expertise and finesse.

Within 12 to 18 months, our goal is to train 1 social media strategist and 1-6 social media managers (depending on need) that expertly handle your social channels.

They will be trained in the following for both organic and paid sides of each platform:

  • Platform Components

  • Content Types & Creation

  • Platform Tools

  • Analytics/Insites

  • Strategy

We are not about hiding anything. Our price for Strategic Social Media Management starts at $750 a month. Please see more information for what this includes. Fees for training an in-house strategist are separate than that of management services.

It all starts with the first step, a complimentary social media analysis. Schedule Yours Today!