Social Media Strategy Package


No contract. Payment to be rendered, in full, 14 days prior to desired service. (eg If service is desired for January 1, payment must be made two calendar weeks prior to commencement of service)

Package includes:

Strategic management of 3 platforms, as agreed on in the social media analysis. 

Timeline of 2 weeks leading to strategic management

1st Week

2 strategy sessions (virtually or in-person) culminating in content sheet which contains:

  • Chosen platforms

  • Monthly theme (based on your marketing calendar)

  • Weekly topics (These will appear in long form content.)

  • Content Types (eg video, images, GIFs, video, etc

  • Content Categories (eg How-to’s, Tips, Tricks, Information, Education, Inspiration, etc)

  • Schedule for Content Creation Day

3 fully built out platforms

2nd Week

Day 1: Content Creation Day ( full day [6 hours] we dedicate to creating video, blogs, scheduling lives, etc) Editing of video and photo is performed in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Premier Pro. If additional time for creating content is desired on a separate day, $150/hour is the fee. The number of hours required will be estimated and paid for in advance.

Credible content curated for your industry

Schedule appropriate content on each platform

Social Listening.

Observing how content is performing on given platforms. (Do A/B testing appropriately)

all content will be planned out/scheduled in advance.

A Quick Note…

Posts are not limited nor given minimums. Each platform is different and strategy is based on how your audience engages with your content. Be open and flexible, as things will continue to change. Social media platforms change and improve every 6 to 9 months. Changing with them is the only way to keep your company relevant.