Social Media Lessons for Startups and Solopreneurs


Social Media that You (and your budget) can handle

You are a savvy business owner that understands how crucial your social media strategy is to your marketing. However, justifying the hire of a social media manager may not be realistic at this point.

This option may be just right for you!

Our Social Media Lessons are ideal for your small startup or one-person show to learn platforms, content creation and curation, tools, strategy, scheduling, and more for a rate that fits well within your budget.

Three platforms will be recommended based on current social media, strengths and industry.

In each platform, you will learn 6-8 lessons to help you maximize your organic and paid efforts.

Individual Lessons: $75/Lesson Lessons are 1-hour. Only one platform/lesson.

Platform Series: $50/lesson when full series is purchased. Series must be purchased and scheduled up front. Time between lessons are scheduled to practice skills learned.

It all starts with a Complimentary Social Media Analysis. Schedule Yours Today!