Resources for Beautiful Blog Design with Devin Green

Devin Green has graciously lent us his brain for the purposes helping you make your blog design beautiful! Devin is a Graphic and Web Designer based in Cedar Rapids, IA. To learn more about Devin, visit his website.

You’re thinking “I want to get my voice heard!” or you have a website you want to start. You want to make an impact in the blog world. You also want your blog to look great.  While it may seem intimidating at first, There are many resources out there that help you get started. Designing your blog is one of the big problems people have. I’m going to show you how to get a blog design that makes you look good, with a little effort. We will talk about functions, finding designs, and customization options. Let's dive right in.

1. Figuring out what type of functions you want.

The first thing you’re probably thinking is “What type of design do I need?”. In order to do that, you need to figure out what functions you need. Does it need to display photos well? Do you need it to be informative? Does it play music? Ask yourself questions like this to get a feel for everything that you do. Take the time out to write down all that you do on paper (or your phone), and write down a feature you think you might need to display that. Write down multiple features under if you need to. This will help you pick the perfect theme for your blog. Don’t get too technical though. Little effort is best.

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2. Finding Blog Designs

There are TONS of themes out there for your blog. The trick is picking the right one that works for you. There are some really good sites out there that give you a good array of themes. The best ones (In my opinion) are Themeforest, Wordpress Themes, and aThemes. While Themeforest offers paid themes, the quality that comes with those themes is pretty great. WordPress Themes are good if you’re on a budget and need free themes. The catalog is huge and there’s bound to be one that matches your style. There are some paid themes on WordPress Themes that offer the same quality of Themeforest as well. aThemes (which happens to be my favorite) is a great theme marketplace as well. They offer free and paid themes. They take great pride in what they do and they make sure you get what you need. If you feel those themes aren’t the best, your ideal theme is still a Google Search away. You can also check this blog post to see some great themes of 2018.


3. Customizing your Wordpress Theme

Many of these themes have endless customization options. Some are for music. Some are for photography. Making sure you make the right choice goes back to what you wrote down. What features do you like about each theme? What are some features that this theme has that the other one doesn’t? Asking yourself these questions before you start customizing your WordPress Theme is a good way to make sure you grabbed the right theme.

After you decided, make sure you read the info on each theme to make sure you’re not missing out on any hidden features. This one is something I struggled with myself when using WordPress.

Pro Tip: Unsplash and Pexels are a great place to find stock images for your blog if you happen to need them.

Now you now know how to pick a great theme for your blog! Go out there and make your personal or business blog look great!

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