Why and How to Find Your Blogging Niche

Niche. First things first, does it rhyme with leash or itch? I say it both ways. This is a popular buzzword in our highly specialized society, especially in blog world. So why read (another) post about this subject? Because, this may be the article that answers your questions. In fact, I am going to do my best to do just that!

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Questions and Answers

Question 1: “What the heck is a niche?”


  1. denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

    "other companies in this space had to adapt to being niche players"

I want you to really take in the “specialized section of the population” part of this definition. You really will want to understand who you are connecting with based on your chosen niche, because you are writing for them.

Question 2: “Why choose a narrow niche ? Isn’t it better to write about everything to reach a lot of people?”

A narrow niche will do a few things for you:

  • Allow you to serve an under served part of your target audience.

  • Your audience will be very specific, so engagement will be higher

  • Allow you to monetize with brands because you can predict your audience attention and somewhat guarantee engagement.

Question 3: “How do you choose a niche?”

This question can get complicated but I will keep it simple. There are two ways you can go about this and reasoning behind each:

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  • Blog your passion

  • Blog about something you are willing to research. (This is would be for people who are really looking to blog to make money.)

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Question 4: “I don’t think I will have enough to write about. What if I want to write about a broad topic?”

I understand the sentiment and it will come. I would suggest writing about broad topics once your brand is recognizable. In order to stand out, a niche is a good way to be recognized. Write within your niche (some call it a super niche) to build trust with your audience. They will fall in love with your voice and  recommend you to their like-minded friends. Eventually, they will want to hear more from you about more topics. This is your chance to expand.

How about some practical application? Using the graphic below, identify your broad topic (a passion or something you would be willing to research). Then think about specific topics within your broad topic. Write down those you would be interested in writing about. (You can have fun doing research on this by using Pinterest to see what others are blogging about in your blog category! Get ideas!) Finally, take the leap. Pick one and start braindumping possible posts!

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