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Let me start out by saying we are people with dreams, not unlike yourself.  I am a wifey, mommy of 2, and an entrepreneur. Grant is a phenomenal husband and father as well as a compassionate business man. We live, work and play in a sleepy town next to a not-so-sleepy city in the middle of Cornfield, USA.  While I am not racing bullet trains or leaping tall buildings in a single bound, I enjoy being the Sacajawea of the social media frontier.

With a combined 25 year experience in advertising, marketing, and sales, we have had epiphanies about several things. Here are a few:

  • Freedom to chose the way you live, work and play is inborn.

  • Collaboration is an essential part of business and life. We all bring something to the table that enhances our world. #BringYourBrilliance

  • Authenticity is the cornerstone of truly relating to others.

  • The Pursuit of our dreams and goals keeps us vibrant.

These lessons that we have had the pleasure of learning (from some amazing people) stretch far beyond the social media sphere but they still do apply.  

We look forward to getting to know you! We would love to hear what made you decide to do what you do!


Grant & Sara Leisinger

Our Why!

Our Why!

Taming the digital wilderness...and my hair.



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